Sword Coast Adventurer's

DnD Sessions Update #9 4-2-15
Back on the road

Now in Mirabar you discover:

-“Earth” marking in dwarven on temple
-Whistlebeard (who now owns your bag of gems) reports to you that someone is seeking you in town. Rumor has it that it is a dwarf.
-You are seeking a mace of disruption and Father Loomis says there is one you could borrow in Neverwinter from Father Hank.
-A caravan to Luskan and Neverwinter needs guards. They are carrying gems from the mines, papers from the town and church to the Wizards Guild in Luskan and the Neverwinter Trading Company in Neverwinter.
-Mirik’s Auntie Mae is in charge of the caravan heading out. She owns the Mae Travel Company. She is excited to see her nephew and welcomes you all into the protection of the caravan.
-You encounter an attacked caravan headed the opposite direction. 3 members of that caravan were captured by the statue creatures that had attacked caravan. Following the path north of the road leads to a small cavern opening where 2 armor statues border the entrance. Once inside the cave you find a large earth elemental and a strange creature that you trap with a sphere of force as you rescue the 3 members of the other caravan. One of the rescued is Dirik, the boyfriend of Aunt Mae.
-Both caravans head their respected ways.

DnD Session Update #8 3-19-15
Delivering the brazier

After leaving the dragon’s lair with the treasure you could haul away along with the magic brazier, you make your way back down the river tunnel back towards the grand mushroom cavern. An owlbear encounter and a night’s rest are all that occur.

Once back in the company of the evil tree creature surrounded by his minions of myconids, you deliver the ruined brazier you were sent to retrieve and bring back. Magically dismissing the effect over the myconids and dealing with the illusion of a green dragon, the tree creature makes an escape as you rescue the human prisoners.

Making your way back across the grand mushroom cavern to the opening you entered the cavern to travel back to the dwarven mines and return the missing humans to their homes.

You are met with warm welcome as you deliver the humans back to the mining community. Celebration and drinking ensue into the night as you are deemed heroes. The next day you decide to head for Mirabar.

Once in Mirabar you meet up with Father Loomis and discover that a dwarven marking for “earth” carved into the temple wall. No other such sign has been reported that you know of.

DnD Session #7 3-5-15
Into the Dragon's Lair

Before you in the clearing is a group of Myconids surrounding 3 humans on the ground, you also notice a medium sized dead looking tree beyond. As you approach a voice is heard within your mind and you know it is from the tree creature. It asks why you are here. You say you are looking for lost humans and these may be them. Jelenneth is allowed to approach and check the condition of the humans. 2 are alive and 1 dead. Durim detects evil and does sense it from the tree creature. It claims the Myconids to be his allies and that you cannot have the humans. It does offer a deal in exchange for the humans though. To save the lives of the remaining humans, you accept the offer of an exchange. What you have agreed to is to travel up the river’s path, a 2 day journey, to a dragon’s lair and retrieve a magical Brazier of Shadow and return it to the tree creature in exchange for the humans in the same condition they are in currently. So you head off.

Making your way back down the path through the mushroom forest towards the river’s edge, you notice the angry growls of a creature echoing through the cavern. Making your way east towards the exiting river cavern, you discover you are being chased by an Owlbear coming from behind you along the river’s edge. You make into the forest where you find it must more difficult to move quickly but definitely more protected from view. You come upon a couple floating giant eye balls with numerous stalks protruding from its top. Fearing the worst, Mirik fires an arrow shot and strikes the creature causing it to explode and cast a cloud of spores in your area. Saving throwa are made but Kahtra does not make her save. Moving past the floating creatures but hearing the Owlbear off in the distance you decide to make for the clearing along the river and run for the eastern edge of the cavern and the river’s exit. Once out in the clear you move quickly with an Owlbear in pursuit. Reaching the cavern’s end Kahtra notices an open some 18-20 feet above the cavern floor as well as the river opening further to your right. Durim , Kahtra and Jelenneth prepare for battle as Mirik hops on a mushroom for a better arrow shooting position. A tough battle but you are victorious. Searching the small opening above you find what Jelenneth believes to be Drow writing on the walls of the short dead end space.

You travel up the river cavern passing more small mushroom groupings on the opposite side of the cavern as well as several dark passages leading away from the river on either side. You find a small grotto and rest for the night. Continuing your way the next day, you finally reach the open area with daylight ahead, enough for the humans to see without torches. You were instructed to make your way through the last passage before the open area which would lead to the back side of the dragons lair. This smaller and dark passage does lead to the roof of a large cavern some 40 feet or so above the floor. A large rocky outcropping in the center of the cavern can be seen as well as a pile of shiny things off to the left. Scouting you find what appears to be the 2 green wyrmlings Durim and Jelenneth battled several days earlier. You make your way to the floor by way of rope and prepare for battle. Flying dragons, breath weapons and a 3rd older green dragon make for a glorious fight on the ground while Mirik fires from above. Once the dragons are defeated, Khatra moves towards the pile of treasure but ends up setting off a Glyph of Warding engulfing her in flame. So you hurriedly gather up what you can from the treasure hoard including a dark brazier, coins and items that radiate magic and climb back up and out.

Treasure List:

The fire glyph destroyed some pieces of artwork
Silver coins
Gold coins
(7) Potions (M)
Long Sword (M)
Plate Armor (human size) (M)
Shield (Metal with Emblem of Mithral Hall) (M)
(22) Arrows (M)
(4) Beads (M)
Brazier of Shadow (M)
Ring (found by Durim) (M)

DnD Session #6
Underground we go

Gathering treasure and healing after battle with Mardok is first priority. The partially collapsed tower has blocked access to the tunnels below. Getting the cart and horses together to make your way back to the children you have rescued is next. The dryad did watch over the children as she promised so you pack them into the cart and head south.

Treasure gained:
-Staff of the Adder
-Wand of Magic Missiles
-Traveling spell book from wizard
-Cloak of Protection
-Brass key with “TD” inscribed on it
-Bag of gems

Your path takes you into the forest to the west which brings about poisonous plant life those walking need to make saves for. Most save except for Durim’s horse which gallops off with him as he makes a dexterity save to stay mounted. You meet up with him down the trail where it encounters a waterway that you ford. Several hours pass as you make your way south towards Mirabar.

When you leave the forest, Jador, the eldest child recognizes the view and knows his family is to the west at a quarry and mine. So you decide to follow the child’s description of the area and make for the quarry. Some time traveling you come to a wide open space against a rise of hilly terrain. Before the hills is a large quarry with some wooden building to its west as well as some stone structures down in the quarry near the stone wall containing an opening into the hillside. As you approach, you get reactions from the children as people take notice and seem to recognize one another.

The humans you meet agree to take the children and get them returned to their rightful homes. 3 of the children are from this place but you find out that 3 fathers had gone off in search of the missing children one being Jador’s father. It seems, and you hear from the children on this, the children had been taken or disappeared into the mines. Strange tracks could be made out along side the children’s footprints making their way into the mines. 2 days ago, 3 fathers set out into the mines to search and have not been seen since. No evidence of where they went was found. The quarry folk ask if you can seek out the lost fathers? You agree to go look as well as introduce yourselves to the dwarven miners that live nearer the mine entrance.

The stone structures close to the mine itself Kahtra identifies as dwarven built. Needing a good deal of mead to overcome the stresses of being surrounded by children for several days is Khatra’s reward. You enter a drinking establishment containing dwarves. Khatra makes her way to the bar and runs into a fellow dwarf that introduces himself as Krago. He has heard of the children being returned and is not surprised that a dwarf had a hand in it. He buys Khatra and drink and then a meal while making conversation. Deciding to rest the night and make for the mines in the morning, you retire.

With hit points and spells at full you enter the mines. The front tunnels are being mined currently as you pass by making for the deeper tunnels and some collapsed areas that the fathers headed for. With torches lit you search one collapsed tunnel when Khatra notices something odd about the collapsed stone near the piled at the ceiling. Investigating you find an illusionary stone hiding a small tunnel big enough to crawl through. You make your way through this and get past the collapse to find the main tunnel continues further. You travel to a point where you can see the end of the tunnel but you also notice an opening to the eastern tunnel wall that leads away from this main tunnel. You make your way walking through this smaller passage that twists and turns to open upon a larger natural tunnel leading further north.

You walk for some time in this dark underground passage when suddenly you hear footfalls echoing about the tunnel. A little further you see 2 multi-legged creature come into view and attack. They are rust monsters and during the battle Khatra looses one of her battleaxes to a rust monster’s touch. Once defeated you move on. During your time you do notice tracks hear and there that shows the fathers had come this way. As the passage ends it opens up into a much larger space with numerous trees standing across your view. These are actually part of a mushroom forest hidden in darkness below ground. But before you make your way further, 2 large creatures leap from under the stone floor before you and attack. You are faced with 2 Ankheg’s as battle ensues.

Surviving the encounter, there seems to be somewhat of a clearer path through the mushroom forest, though you could try to make your way through the more dense stalks as well, the path is what you take. Rather dense grown hinders you view so Mirik shoots magical light arrows to try to illuminate the area ahead. Difficulty seeing these arrows leads Khatra to jump up to the mushroom tops like Mario to get a better view. She can see light ahead and a space where the mushrooms abruptly end. You all move further and come upon a wide open space where the mushroom have halted. As faras you vision allows you can see to your right and left, ahead of you some 60 feet out is the edge of water. As you investigate you find an underground 60 foot wide river some 60 feet from the mushroom edge. A few more light arrows and searching you discover the clear stone bank on the other side of the water is the same as the one you stand on. A short distance away are numerous stones protruding from the water allowing a tricky path across the river. You can see the river has grown at times to fill the area completely from mushroom edge to edge making it almost 180 feet wide at its peak. Investigating you find the river to be approx. 10-12 feet deep at the center and flowing from east to west. You each take time to move slowly and carefully across the stones to the opposite side of the river.

Slightly east of you a curved stone step at the mushrooms edge is found. This notes a stone path some 20 feet wide making its way into the mushroom forest on this side of the river. You make your way up the path. A short distance later you come upon a cross path ahead of you and fine gas like clouds bellow into you ranks and cause saving throws to take place. Saves are made to beat off effects from the clouds but from the forest come mushroom creature with more gas clouds. Battle begins as Durim is affected by the gas spores and stunned, so is Jelenneth affected. You fight these creatures for several rounds before the effects wear off and all join in the fight until your foes drop. Moving towards the cross path, coming into view further ahead is a 30 foot round clearing with some humans lying on the stone ground surrounded by more Myconids.

DnD Session #5
The Tower Battle

Remaining near the tower with the 4 horses and a cart taken from the goblins you prop up dead goblin bodies to appear as gaurds while Durim scopes out the area to find a safe haven for the children you rescued. He finds a rocky outcropping south of the ruins that will work. You search the ruins and prepare for the return of the dwarf Mardok. Displacing the magic circle you found below ground and disrupting what you can in the cavern below. The next morning Durim relocates the children to the rocky hiding place as Jelenneth uses her magic to communicate with a bird to message her if any predators come near the children. Time passes as you await the dwarf but the bird returns before any other warning you of the children in danger.

Jelenneth and Durim ride off the check on the children as Mirik and Kahtra stay at the tower. The riders find a battle of sorts occurring not far from the outcropping. 2 small green dragon wymlings chase a lone slender fey looking creature. As Durim and Jelenneth move closer, the voice of the fey creature can be heard calling for help. With mounted attacks the 2 ride in to battle the dragons. A cloud of poisonous gas is expelled in Durims direction as he closes in to try to grab the fey and ride off. A failed grasp and a moment later as the other dragon flies towards Durim’s horse and takes it out with a critical hit! Durim now on his feat engages the dragon. Several hits later the badly wounded dragon flies off with the other following close behind. The grateful Dryad communicates with Jelenneth in elvish as it creates some goodberries to help you with healing.

The Dryad shows it’s appreciation of being rescued by offering assistance and a reward to the group once it learns of your plan to take on the evil that has infiltrated these ruins. It challenges you all to a “game of paths” to try to gain more reward. But as you all fall during the game, the reward you receive is a simple acorn that is said to provide an ally to you when thrown upon the earthly ground. The dryad also offers to protect the children for you while you deal with the returning dwarf.

With the party hiding within the ruins and Mirik positioned atop the tower watching for the enemy, you wait. Mirik notices an object a mile or more away over the path/road that lead here. It appears to be a hundred feet off the ground moving this way. As it gets closer he can see figures riding upon a flat surface flying through the air coming towards him. As it passes over the “gates” tot eh ruin Mirik can see the figures clearly as it rushes closer and loses altitude the nearer it gets. The party members in the ruins are prepared to act as the flying rug carrying a dwarf and human closes and beings to hover 20 feet above the doorway to the tower. A voice can be heard barking orders to the 2 propped up goblin bodies at the entrance. The attack begins!

Mirik moves down into the tower to attack from one of the balconies as both Durim and Mirik fire arrows and Jelenneth moves closer, Kahtra runs and jumps towards the hovering carpet landing right into the human. She and the human wizard fall from the carpet and hit the tower then ground some 20 feet down. Mardok casts a spell towards Durim striking him with magic forces causing damage. More arrows and several deep gashes into the human wizard proves that he is quite dead. Mardok bellows out a few choice words for you and threatens to have your heads for this as he maneuvers the carpet up to the top of the tower and out of view of those on the ground.

Ground troops move to the tower entrance and start to climb the ladders and head for the top to find a warlock at close range. As the ladders get crowded and you make your way to the top and attack, Mardok flies out and around towards the tower entrance leaving you all on the tower’s top. As this happens, Durim throws an end of a rope to Kahtra and yells for her to hang on. Durim then runs to the edge and makes a jumping swing just as you hear a loud shattering sound come from within the tower. As the top floor of the tower gives way and all start to fall, Durim swings down towards the warlock but lands just short hard on the ground. Saves are made as the tower collapses and the back wall falls into the center of the tower along with Jelenneth, Mirik and Kahtra. As Durim stands and brushes himself off, Mardok flies off towards the south yelling “I will have my revenge!”

When you search the wizard you find:
-150 gp
-20 gems
-a wand
-a staff
-a book
-a cloak
-a brass key

DnD Session #4
Into the Tower

As the party decides how to attack the goblins on and off the wagons, the wagons start to move towards the tower. Jelenneth uses her speak to animals and suggests the horse drawing the wagons run towards the dwarven cleric next to the tower and then circle around and return to this starting point. And that is what happens but only after Kahtra using her magical boots leaps some great distance righ onto the lead wagon. She attacks the goblins as the horses charge towards the tower. Jelenneth and Mirik keep their arrow shots flying as Durim moves into combat. All are aware of the wrapped bodies loaded in the backs of the wagons appear alive and squirming.

Scattered goblins in hand to hand combat litter the area. A lone goblin along with the spell casting dwarven cleric remain near the tower as the first wagon races towards them. The horses try to break right leading to the wagon toppling with a goblin, Kahtra and the cleric making dexterity checks to avoid serious damage. They both move from the wreckage as the goblin is run over by the second wagon racing by. The lone goblin enters the tower as another dwarven cleric appears on a balcony above the crash site and casts spells at the party members. Kahtra saves more than once against his spells, as does Jelenneth but a range touch attack strikes Mirik with a blinding blast of energy. Durim comes to Mirik’s aid and all are back on their feet fighting.

All close in on the tower but Mirik who fires more arrow shots and taking down enemies. Kahtra kills the first cleric as Durim and Jelenneth enter the tower. The lone goblin and remaining cleric are positioned 20 feet up in this hollow tower with crude support beams running its width. 2 ladders lead up to the wooden walkways circling the inner tower walls on 2 levels above. As Jelenneth and Durim climb the ladder, Kahtra leaps to near the 20 foot height of the ladder to gain access to the walkway near the cleric. As Mirik takes out the lone goblin before Jelenneth and Durin can engage it, the cleris casts a radius force spell sending Kahtra leaping back and a large portion of the walkway blasted away. This does not stop Kahtra as she leaps across open space and lands right on the balcony the cleric is standing on. With the forceful landing of weight, rips the balcony from the structure and leaves both dwarves falling to the ground outside the tower. Taking out the cleric and clearing the area are gained. The children found to be tied and wrapped up are freed and calmed. The horses are healed and the area is secured.

Within the rickety tower being supported with cross timbers you find a hole in the ground with a pulley/winch type system that can lower and raise a platform down and up the shaft below the hole. Peering with dark vision you can see 35 feet down this shaft it ends at a flat stone base. Mirik hears crying and a faint “help me” from below. As you make your way down (fall) you find a 10 wide alcove leading to a split passage left and right (looking unused) and a 40 foot long passage before you leading towards a larger cavern. With torches lit and weapons drawn you head into the larger cavern and find 80 foot deep room containing 8 3 foot high stone platforms splattered with blood and a dark archway against the far wall. 4 of the stone platforms each have a child shackled to them and along the base of the far wall can be seen great numbers of shiny piles. Durim senses evil within this room. As you move in to investigate, 6 small sized smokey, ashen flying creatures rise up from behind the platforms and move in to attack. Breathing forth hot ash, the elemental creatures cause blinding that hinders the battle. During the battle an extremely dark figure rises from the back of the cavern and enters combat. A medium sized demon of some sort, blacker than night rips into flesh and battles you to the death. As party members drop and healing potions prove their value, a tough fight ends in victory for the group.

Freeing these children and searching the cavern reveal 1500 silver pieces, 300 gold pieces, a stained dark arch painted upon the back wall looking like a passage and a piece of paper containing wording in the form of a letter (see forums). Gathering all in sacks, healing children, friends and horses you prepare to disembark the area. While that is happening, Durim searches out the undisturbed passages leading to the left and right of the shaft. No footprint of disturbance of dust can be found. Numerous hallways containing numerous doors extend out from here. Behind at least one of the doors he passed could be heard moaning and scrapping. With everyone and everything loaded, you head out.

DnD Session 1-15-15
Off towards Fire Peek

Kahtra meets Whistlebeard before anyone else as he practically tackles her as she tries to enter the Dead Troll Inn and Tavern. He apologizes to Kahtra and offers to buy you all a round of drinks. Once he understands that you seek an audience with him and that Father Loomis sent you to gather information about the dead dwarf you brought back to Mirabar, Whistlebeard takes on a more serious tone and escorts you to a back meeting room to talk. You discover that Whistlebeard is the cousin to the brothers Mardok and Trog, the dwarven warlock and dead brother whose body you returned to Mirabar that is now located with Father Loomis.

You learn:
-Mardok is an evil, greedy, power hungry warlock who has ties to powerful fiends granting him powers.

-His dead brother was also in league with these fiends and had powers granted to him through magic tattoos and evil deeds.

-Mardok contacted Whistlebeard some time back asking him to join his cause to avenge the family against the forces of Mirabar and the local traders who cheated and destroyed the family business and name. Whistlebeard declined.

-To the north towards Fire Peak lies a fallen settlement where Mardok resides with his followers and plans. A wizard and 2 clerics had joined him in his tower within this lost settlement.

-He wanted to raise his dead brother or gain powers of shadow that the tattoo you found on his hide had granted the brother. Whistlebeard offers you advice and suggests the body of the dead brother be destroyed utterly.

You thank Whistlebeard for his help and stay the night under his care. The next morning you join Father Loomis in a sad ritual at the temple designed to rid the world of Trog’s remains and the evil they are tied to. Father Loomis informs you that he found the tattoo to be a Boon of Shadow he is sure was granted by evil powers of some sort of pact magic. Also he shares a thought with you that possible retribution could follow for the destruction of the dwarf remains. After, you head out of town once supplies are gotten. Marching north towards Fire Peak is the direction you travel seeking out the dwarven warlock and his minions.

Several hours into your trek, Jelleneth notices a ground cover that will irritate the skin and cause pain so you circumvent the area to find a safer path. Further down your path you notice a small herd of deer running across your path ahead of you. Kahtra and Mirik notice a pair of hefty looking humanoids ahead and to your left. As you are watching them maneuver through the woods, you also notice a larger creature off to your right where a stream of smoke is also seen. Once they notice you, a battle begins with 2 half-ogres and the larger Ogre also joins in the fight. Kahtra enters her rage for the first time, dealing extra damage as well as taking less damage for herself. A mighty exchange of battle cries with melee and ranged attacks, in time you drop your foes. Moving towards the smoke you find a small cave, you move in and investigate. Crude bedding is found along with a pit trap the Kahtra avoids with a Dexterity saving throw. Further into the cave you find a false wall of stone and as you try to dig through it, it falls upon you with some damage taken. Behind you find treasure.

-10 ep
-Amulet of Health
-Ioun Stone (reserve)
-Boots of Striding and Sprinting
-Quiver with 20 +1 arrows

As you move to exit the cavern, Mirik peers out the cave and notices a large beast feeding on the remains of one half-ogre. Indentifying the monster as a Basalisk, you move quickly and keep your view downwards as the beast has a cursed gaze attack that can turn you to stone. You successfully escape the encounter.

Moving further north and further up into a more hilly and mountainous terrain, several hours pass when you come over a rise and see a dilapidated looking walled town up ahead of you. As dark sets in, you decided to make your way towards the structures within the walls for a safer resting place for the night. Sneaking into the walled area, you make your way to a small structure that will be home for the night. During the night, sounds of footfalls are heard echoing around the remains of buildings around you. You are not discovered and rest out the remaining night time.

In the morning Jelleneth transforms into a rat to explore the ruined settlement. When she returns she tells of carts and goblins and a priestly looking dwarf as well a tale of movement through a magic barrier revealing a tower beyond right in the center of this ruined settlement. She also heard speech about the “master returning tomorrow” from the creatures. You decided to move in and take action. Finding 2 carts with 2 goblins on top and 2 flanking each, 4 more goblins meeting the carts on foot and a dwarven cleric barking out orders to the bunch. That’s when you…

DnD Session 12-27-14
Too many Dwarves

The wall of water rushes towards you engulfing the entire cavern before you. Saving throws are made and failed as some are washed from the cave complex. As you regroup and head further up the tunnel you hear a rush of water once again. Some duck into the side cavern where the wolves had been while Durim with a heroic grab swings Kahtra into the wolf cavern just before she got washed away.

Goblins attack you from the bridge above as you once again move forward. Durim acts as a holy shield to allow Jelenneth to fire arrows while giving cover to those making their way under the bridge. Khatra moves up the passage and rise entering a larger cavern where she finds numerous goblins and a larger foe, a hobgoblin. Arrow shots from Jel and Mirik along with weapon swings from Durim and Khatra sound out as battle chimes throughout the cavern. The enemy on the bridge, make their way to this battle cavern giving you more foes to drop.

Crossing the bridge traveling back further into this complex you come upon a guard watching 2 captives. The goblin holds a knife to one of the captives using him as a hostage demanding he be allowed to escape the complex or death will find the captive. The second captive (Formar) dies but the one you saved (Thellian) has information for you about conversations he heard while in the goblin’s company. You escort the goblin out and he releases his hostage. Taking time to fully search the goblin complex takes the better part of the remaining day.

-Treasure: coins, gems, statues, orbs and potions.
-Information: A dwarven warlock by the name of Mardok has given rise to the goblins and hobgoblins in the area commanding them to seek out the dwarven tomb and bring the body within to his tower lair north of Mirabar. Something wicked about the tattooed dwarven body may have connections with evil powers of the warlock, why would he want a dead body? You have also gained enough experience points to level up to 2nd level characters.

Making your way back to the waterfall to make camp and rest for the night, you find the waterfall running its normal course over the stone and the goblin you left tied up is gone. As well the invisible barrier that diverted the water is no longer present. The next morning you have healed, got spells back and are ready to go. Making your way down the rise to the falls base, you decided to return the dwarf’s body back to his tomb (after doubling back when you forgot) but find no opening on the valley wall which is now below the water level. Unable to return the dwarf, you keep the body and make for Mirabar.

Once back in Mirabar you seek out Father Loomis and get his assistance in dealing with this dead dwarf body. Father Loomis needs to study the body to find out any secrets about it. You get your reward for returning Grog’s body and finding a solution to the mysterious disappearance of water along the creek. To try to discover more about the dwarven warlock, you seek out a another dwarf known to frequent the Dead Troll Inn below Mirabar in the dwarven undercity, his name is Whistlebeard. You make your way there and now stand before the inn, just as Khatra is about to enter you see…

DnD Session 12-18-14
Up on cripple creek

Our story begins with 4 brave adventurers making their way north to the city of Mirabar. This well fortified city made up of Dwarves and Humans is the mining and quarry source for the northern realms. Ore, gems, building stones, smelting, metal works all keep the 10,000+ population busy and prosperous. Surrounded by the wilds of the north just to the southern edge of the Spine of the World, harsh weather and harsh monsters are well known to these peoples. (see Forum listing for Mirabar for more information)

As the adventurers approach the city, unknowing of each other, they all come upon a group of townspeople gathered at the south gate of the city listening to an armored figure speak to the crowd. He is Horvath, one of the Hammers, informing and requesting the crowd of the events that have taken place. In response to the drying up of Crag Creek a week ago, am omen to some, a group was sent to investigate 3 days ago but has not returned. Among them was Grog, son of a city politician, a reward of 300gp has been offered for any who go seek out the fate of Grog and the group and to find the reason for the waters disappearance. Our adventurers each step forward individually of one another to accept this task.

The adventurers introduce themselves to each other, the human Durim the paladin, Jelenneth the half elf druid, Mirik the human fighter and Kahtra the dwarven barbarian decided to band together and seek adventurer, truth and treasure as one.

Once Durim completes his business with a local merchant on his father’s behalf, the group heads north along the now mud laden path along the dried creek. 3 hours travel and they come upon a humped over figure being eaten by a ghoul. They vanquish the ghoulish undead creature to find the remains of Grog. They decided to deliver the remains back to the city at once before heading further on in search of other possible survivors. Once back, they hand over Grog to city guard and seek lodgings for themselves for the night.

The guard had suggested The Traveler’s Way Inn in the southern part of the city and to ask for Leda an elf maiden. Once there, a dry comment from Leda to your dwarf companion suggesting that she should stay at the Zoruc Too-orr (The Tossing Dwarf ), a tavern and Inn in the undercity of the dwarves, you decided to find other lodgings. Back down the street you passed an inn named Dragon’s Hoard, finding a more welcoming establishment, you order food and drink. During your meal you are approached by local who recognizes you as the volunteers who went off in search of Grog and his group. Once you inform him of Grog’s demise, he becomes high spirited and collects his wager at another table over the death of Grog. The cost to stay the night at the Dragon’s Hoard is too high so Durim arranges for the party to stay the night at Helm’s church where Father Loomis welcomes you warmly. A small donation and a little help in the morning in trade for bedding leaves you in good standings and a good night sleep.

In the morn, you restock on some needed items and head northward once again…


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