Sword Coast Adventurer's

DnD Session 1-15-15

Off towards Fire Peek

Kahtra meets Whistlebeard before anyone else as he practically tackles her as she tries to enter the Dead Troll Inn and Tavern. He apologizes to Kahtra and offers to buy you all a round of drinks. Once he understands that you seek an audience with him and that Father Loomis sent you to gather information about the dead dwarf you brought back to Mirabar, Whistlebeard takes on a more serious tone and escorts you to a back meeting room to talk. You discover that Whistlebeard is the cousin to the brothers Mardok and Trog, the dwarven warlock and dead brother whose body you returned to Mirabar that is now located with Father Loomis.

You learn:
-Mardok is an evil, greedy, power hungry warlock who has ties to powerful fiends granting him powers.

-His dead brother was also in league with these fiends and had powers granted to him through magic tattoos and evil deeds.

-Mardok contacted Whistlebeard some time back asking him to join his cause to avenge the family against the forces of Mirabar and the local traders who cheated and destroyed the family business and name. Whistlebeard declined.

-To the north towards Fire Peak lies a fallen settlement where Mardok resides with his followers and plans. A wizard and 2 clerics had joined him in his tower within this lost settlement.

-He wanted to raise his dead brother or gain powers of shadow that the tattoo you found on his hide had granted the brother. Whistlebeard offers you advice and suggests the body of the dead brother be destroyed utterly.

You thank Whistlebeard for his help and stay the night under his care. The next morning you join Father Loomis in a sad ritual at the temple designed to rid the world of Trog’s remains and the evil they are tied to. Father Loomis informs you that he found the tattoo to be a Boon of Shadow he is sure was granted by evil powers of some sort of pact magic. Also he shares a thought with you that possible retribution could follow for the destruction of the dwarf remains. After, you head out of town once supplies are gotten. Marching north towards Fire Peak is the direction you travel seeking out the dwarven warlock and his minions.

Several hours into your trek, Jelleneth notices a ground cover that will irritate the skin and cause pain so you circumvent the area to find a safer path. Further down your path you notice a small herd of deer running across your path ahead of you. Kahtra and Mirik notice a pair of hefty looking humanoids ahead and to your left. As you are watching them maneuver through the woods, you also notice a larger creature off to your right where a stream of smoke is also seen. Once they notice you, a battle begins with 2 half-ogres and the larger Ogre also joins in the fight. Kahtra enters her rage for the first time, dealing extra damage as well as taking less damage for herself. A mighty exchange of battle cries with melee and ranged attacks, in time you drop your foes. Moving towards the smoke you find a small cave, you move in and investigate. Crude bedding is found along with a pit trap the Kahtra avoids with a Dexterity saving throw. Further into the cave you find a false wall of stone and as you try to dig through it, it falls upon you with some damage taken. Behind you find treasure.

-10 ep
-Amulet of Health
-Ioun Stone (reserve)
-Boots of Striding and Sprinting
-Quiver with 20 +1 arrows

As you move to exit the cavern, Mirik peers out the cave and notices a large beast feeding on the remains of one half-ogre. Indentifying the monster as a Basalisk, you move quickly and keep your view downwards as the beast has a cursed gaze attack that can turn you to stone. You successfully escape the encounter.

Moving further north and further up into a more hilly and mountainous terrain, several hours pass when you come over a rise and see a dilapidated looking walled town up ahead of you. As dark sets in, you decided to make your way towards the structures within the walls for a safer resting place for the night. Sneaking into the walled area, you make your way to a small structure that will be home for the night. During the night, sounds of footfalls are heard echoing around the remains of buildings around you. You are not discovered and rest out the remaining night time.

In the morning Jelleneth transforms into a rat to explore the ruined settlement. When she returns she tells of carts and goblins and a priestly looking dwarf as well a tale of movement through a magic barrier revealing a tower beyond right in the center of this ruined settlement. She also heard speech about the “master returning tomorrow” from the creatures. You decided to move in and take action. Finding 2 carts with 2 goblins on top and 2 flanking each, 4 more goblins meeting the carts on foot and a dwarven cleric barking out orders to the bunch. That’s when you…



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