Sword Coast Adventurer's

DnD Session 12-27-14

Too many Dwarves

The wall of water rushes towards you engulfing the entire cavern before you. Saving throws are made and failed as some are washed from the cave complex. As you regroup and head further up the tunnel you hear a rush of water once again. Some duck into the side cavern where the wolves had been while Durim with a heroic grab swings Kahtra into the wolf cavern just before she got washed away.

Goblins attack you from the bridge above as you once again move forward. Durim acts as a holy shield to allow Jelenneth to fire arrows while giving cover to those making their way under the bridge. Khatra moves up the passage and rise entering a larger cavern where she finds numerous goblins and a larger foe, a hobgoblin. Arrow shots from Jel and Mirik along with weapon swings from Durim and Khatra sound out as battle chimes throughout the cavern. The enemy on the bridge, make their way to this battle cavern giving you more foes to drop.

Crossing the bridge traveling back further into this complex you come upon a guard watching 2 captives. The goblin holds a knife to one of the captives using him as a hostage demanding he be allowed to escape the complex or death will find the captive. The second captive (Formar) dies but the one you saved (Thellian) has information for you about conversations he heard while in the goblin’s company. You escort the goblin out and he releases his hostage. Taking time to fully search the goblin complex takes the better part of the remaining day.

-Treasure: coins, gems, statues, orbs and potions.
-Information: A dwarven warlock by the name of Mardok has given rise to the goblins and hobgoblins in the area commanding them to seek out the dwarven tomb and bring the body within to his tower lair north of Mirabar. Something wicked about the tattooed dwarven body may have connections with evil powers of the warlock, why would he want a dead body? You have also gained enough experience points to level up to 2nd level characters.

Making your way back to the waterfall to make camp and rest for the night, you find the waterfall running its normal course over the stone and the goblin you left tied up is gone. As well the invisible barrier that diverted the water is no longer present. The next morning you have healed, got spells back and are ready to go. Making your way down the rise to the falls base, you decided to return the dwarf’s body back to his tomb (after doubling back when you forgot) but find no opening on the valley wall which is now below the water level. Unable to return the dwarf, you keep the body and make for Mirabar.

Once back in Mirabar you seek out Father Loomis and get his assistance in dealing with this dead dwarf body. Father Loomis needs to study the body to find out any secrets about it. You get your reward for returning Grog’s body and finding a solution to the mysterious disappearance of water along the creek. To try to discover more about the dwarven warlock, you seek out a another dwarf known to frequent the Dead Troll Inn below Mirabar in the dwarven undercity, his name is Whistlebeard. You make your way there and now stand before the inn, just as Khatra is about to enter you see…



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