Sword Coast Adventurer's

DnD Session #7 3-5-15

Into the Dragon's Lair

Before you in the clearing is a group of Myconids surrounding 3 humans on the ground, you also notice a medium sized dead looking tree beyond. As you approach a voice is heard within your mind and you know it is from the tree creature. It asks why you are here. You say you are looking for lost humans and these may be them. Jelenneth is allowed to approach and check the condition of the humans. 2 are alive and 1 dead. Durim detects evil and does sense it from the tree creature. It claims the Myconids to be his allies and that you cannot have the humans. It does offer a deal in exchange for the humans though. To save the lives of the remaining humans, you accept the offer of an exchange. What you have agreed to is to travel up the river’s path, a 2 day journey, to a dragon’s lair and retrieve a magical Brazier of Shadow and return it to the tree creature in exchange for the humans in the same condition they are in currently. So you head off.

Making your way back down the path through the mushroom forest towards the river’s edge, you notice the angry growls of a creature echoing through the cavern. Making your way east towards the exiting river cavern, you discover you are being chased by an Owlbear coming from behind you along the river’s edge. You make into the forest where you find it must more difficult to move quickly but definitely more protected from view. You come upon a couple floating giant eye balls with numerous stalks protruding from its top. Fearing the worst, Mirik fires an arrow shot and strikes the creature causing it to explode and cast a cloud of spores in your area. Saving throwa are made but Kahtra does not make her save. Moving past the floating creatures but hearing the Owlbear off in the distance you decide to make for the clearing along the river and run for the eastern edge of the cavern and the river’s exit. Once out in the clear you move quickly with an Owlbear in pursuit. Reaching the cavern’s end Kahtra notices an open some 18-20 feet above the cavern floor as well as the river opening further to your right. Durim , Kahtra and Jelenneth prepare for battle as Mirik hops on a mushroom for a better arrow shooting position. A tough battle but you are victorious. Searching the small opening above you find what Jelenneth believes to be Drow writing on the walls of the short dead end space.

You travel up the river cavern passing more small mushroom groupings on the opposite side of the cavern as well as several dark passages leading away from the river on either side. You find a small grotto and rest for the night. Continuing your way the next day, you finally reach the open area with daylight ahead, enough for the humans to see without torches. You were instructed to make your way through the last passage before the open area which would lead to the back side of the dragons lair. This smaller and dark passage does lead to the roof of a large cavern some 40 feet or so above the floor. A large rocky outcropping in the center of the cavern can be seen as well as a pile of shiny things off to the left. Scouting you find what appears to be the 2 green wyrmlings Durim and Jelenneth battled several days earlier. You make your way to the floor by way of rope and prepare for battle. Flying dragons, breath weapons and a 3rd older green dragon make for a glorious fight on the ground while Mirik fires from above. Once the dragons are defeated, Khatra moves towards the pile of treasure but ends up setting off a Glyph of Warding engulfing her in flame. So you hurriedly gather up what you can from the treasure hoard including a dark brazier, coins and items that radiate magic and climb back up and out.

Treasure List:

The fire glyph destroyed some pieces of artwork
Silver coins
Gold coins
(7) Potions (M)
Long Sword (M)
Plate Armor (human size) (M)
Shield (Metal with Emblem of Mithral Hall) (M)
(22) Arrows (M)
(4) Beads (M)
Brazier of Shadow (M)
Ring (found by Durim) (M)



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