Sword Coast Adventurer's

DnD Sessions Update #9 4-2-15

Back on the road

Now in Mirabar you discover:

-“Earth” marking in dwarven on temple
-Whistlebeard (who now owns your bag of gems) reports to you that someone is seeking you in town. Rumor has it that it is a dwarf.
-You are seeking a mace of disruption and Father Loomis says there is one you could borrow in Neverwinter from Father Hank.
-A caravan to Luskan and Neverwinter needs guards. They are carrying gems from the mines, papers from the town and church to the Wizards Guild in Luskan and the Neverwinter Trading Company in Neverwinter.
-Mirik’s Auntie Mae is in charge of the caravan heading out. She owns the Mae Travel Company. She is excited to see her nephew and welcomes you all into the protection of the caravan.
-You encounter an attacked caravan headed the opposite direction. 3 members of that caravan were captured by the statue creatures that had attacked caravan. Following the path north of the road leads to a small cavern opening where 2 armor statues border the entrance. Once inside the cave you find a large earth elemental and a strange creature that you trap with a sphere of force as you rescue the 3 members of the other caravan. One of the rescued is Dirik, the boyfriend of Aunt Mae.
-Both caravans head their respected ways.



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