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DnD Session 12-18-14

Up on cripple creek

Our story begins with 4 brave adventurers making their way north to the city of Mirabar. This well fortified city made up of Dwarves and Humans is the mining and quarry source for the northern realms. Ore, gems, building stones, smelting, metal works all keep the 10,000+ population busy and prosperous. Surrounded by the wilds of the north just to the southern edge of the Spine of the World, harsh weather and harsh monsters are well known to these peoples. (see Forum listing for Mirabar for more information)

As the adventurers approach the city, unknowing of each other, they all come upon a group of townspeople gathered at the south gate of the city listening to an armored figure speak to the crowd. He is Horvath, one of the Hammers, informing and requesting the crowd of the events that have taken place. In response to the drying up of Crag Creek a week ago, am omen to some, a group was sent to investigate 3 days ago but has not returned. Among them was Grog, son of a city politician, a reward of 300gp has been offered for any who go seek out the fate of Grog and the group and to find the reason for the waters disappearance. Our adventurers each step forward individually of one another to accept this task.

The adventurers introduce themselves to each other, the human Durim the paladin, Jelenneth the half elf druid, Mirik the human fighter and Kahtra the dwarven barbarian decided to band together and seek adventurer, truth and treasure as one.

Once Durim completes his business with a local merchant on his father’s behalf, the group heads north along the now mud laden path along the dried creek. 3 hours travel and they come upon a humped over figure being eaten by a ghoul. They vanquish the ghoulish undead creature to find the remains of Grog. They decided to deliver the remains back to the city at once before heading further on in search of other possible survivors. Once back, they hand over Grog to city guard and seek lodgings for themselves for the night.

The guard had suggested The Traveler’s Way Inn in the southern part of the city and to ask for Leda an elf maiden. Once there, a dry comment from Leda to your dwarf companion suggesting that she should stay at the Zoruc Too-orr (The Tossing Dwarf ), a tavern and Inn in the undercity of the dwarves, you decided to find other lodgings. Back down the street you passed an inn named Dragon’s Hoard, finding a more welcoming establishment, you order food and drink. During your meal you are approached by local who recognizes you as the volunteers who went off in search of Grog and his group. Once you inform him of Grog’s demise, he becomes high spirited and collects his wager at another table over the death of Grog. The cost to stay the night at the Dragon’s Hoard is too high so Durim arranges for the party to stay the night at Helm’s church where Father Loomis welcomes you warmly. A small donation and a little help in the morning in trade for bedding leaves you in good standings and a good night sleep.

In the morn, you restock on some needed items and head northward once again…


Reaching the site of Grog’s demise plus another 2 hours, ahead of you the creek path narrows in a ravine which should contain a larger pool of water as the creek drops elevation from a rocky rise above, but you find a mud and muck pool at the base of the now dry falls. A small cave opening is seen to the lower right of the ravine with 2 figures standing near it. Upon closer inspection, you can see the volume of water that should be falling, diverted towards the west and running over a rocky rise out of sight. It remains at the level of the top of the falls had they been falling. You estimate that with the water level of the pool below the falls before it’s redirection, would have covered the area on the rocky wall where the cave opening now stands.

As you move closer attempting to move stealthily, but with poor stealth checks you make enough noise to be noticed by the armed goblins near the cave. As you peek down over the rise, arrows slice into Durim. Goblins make their way up the rise towards you as Kahtra make her way down. Mirik fires arrows back at the enemy as battle ensues. Goblin heads fall at the axes of the mighty dwarf while you capture one before an axe finds its head. You make your way across a log wedged in the mud but providing a natural bridge across the muck. One lone goblin falls back into the cave and fires arrows from the darkness at you, Kathra charges into the cave with one thing on her mind, headless goblin. Questioning your captive goblin you find out that the water was diverted by a wizards magic and that the cave was the burial place of a dwarf whose body the goblins have taken. Also the goblins are being led by a hobgoblin named Bodok the Warrier. He is in his lair further north along the creek and he has captives from the first group that set out from Mirabar.

A magic aura shines at the mouth of the cave and along the bottom of the water channel above as Jelennth casts a detect magic. Within the cave you find it to be expertly carved from the very stone around you. A smooth tunnel leads to a smoothly cut arched room. An open stone coffin lies in the center of the round room with a lid leaning towards the back side of the stone. Kahtra searches and finds an unopened secret door at the back of this room. Opening the door she finds a dwarven war axe, a suit of dwarf size half plate and a pouch of gems. She dons the armor and grabs the war axe. The axe shows a magic aura when detect magic is cast. Climbing up the stone rise towards the diverted waterfall, you find the water cascading down into a side valley as the water coming from the source continues further north which is where you continue to trek.

A ways up stream you travel and spot another cave opening that the creek runs straight into. 3 goblins are noticeable outside this newly found cave. Deciding to cross the stream (never cross the streams) to be able to move up in a move wooded location to get closer to the cave before attacking. You do and make an offensive attack on the goblins and take them out. The left side of the cave is taken up by the creek so you stay to the right and dry ground. As you move closer you smell the odor of animals from within the cave. Shortly into the cave you can see some 30 feet and it turns but to your right an opening becomes noticeable. As you try to move past the opening you find several wolves within the cavern. One is larger than the rest and also not chained to the walls like the others. Battle breaks out as the wolves howl and bark, the larger falls in time and you struggle to take out the remaining chained wolves but are victorious. Mirik did remain in the tunnel watching ahead and encountered a goblin some 20 feet above the passage on a rocky bridge or ledge. Arrows are exchanged and goblins disappear. When the wolf battle ended and you regroup to move forward, a goblin on the ledge disappears from view and a yell is heard. Seconds later you can hear a rush of water ahead of you…and then…

DnD Session 12-18-14

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