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DnD Session #4

Into the Tower

As the party decides how to attack the goblins on and off the wagons, the wagons start to move towards the tower. Jelenneth uses her speak to animals and suggests the horse drawing the wagons run towards the dwarven cleric next to the tower and then circle around and return to this starting point. And that is what happens but only after Kahtra using her magical boots leaps some great distance righ onto the lead wagon. She attacks the goblins as the horses charge towards the tower. Jelenneth and Mirik keep their arrow shots flying as Durim moves into combat. All are aware of the wrapped bodies loaded in the backs of the wagons appear alive and squirming.

Scattered goblins in hand to hand combat litter the area. A lone goblin along with the spell casting dwarven cleric remain near the tower as the first wagon races towards them. The horses try to break right leading to the wagon toppling with a goblin, Kahtra and the cleric making dexterity checks to avoid serious damage. They both move from the wreckage as the goblin is run over by the second wagon racing by. The lone goblin enters the tower as another dwarven cleric appears on a balcony above the crash site and casts spells at the party members. Kahtra saves more than once against his spells, as does Jelenneth but a range touch attack strikes Mirik with a blinding blast of energy. Durim comes to Mirik’s aid and all are back on their feet fighting.

All close in on the tower but Mirik who fires more arrow shots and taking down enemies. Kahtra kills the first cleric as Durim and Jelenneth enter the tower. The lone goblin and remaining cleric are positioned 20 feet up in this hollow tower with crude support beams running its width. 2 ladders lead up to the wooden walkways circling the inner tower walls on 2 levels above. As Jelenneth and Durim climb the ladder, Kahtra leaps to near the 20 foot height of the ladder to gain access to the walkway near the cleric. As Mirik takes out the lone goblin before Jelenneth and Durin can engage it, the cleris casts a radius force spell sending Kahtra leaping back and a large portion of the walkway blasted away. This does not stop Kahtra as she leaps across open space and lands right on the balcony the cleric is standing on. With the forceful landing of weight, rips the balcony from the structure and leaves both dwarves falling to the ground outside the tower. Taking out the cleric and clearing the area are gained. The children found to be tied and wrapped up are freed and calmed. The horses are healed and the area is secured.

Within the rickety tower being supported with cross timbers you find a hole in the ground with a pulley/winch type system that can lower and raise a platform down and up the shaft below the hole. Peering with dark vision you can see 35 feet down this shaft it ends at a flat stone base. Mirik hears crying and a faint “help me” from below. As you make your way down (fall) you find a 10 wide alcove leading to a split passage left and right (looking unused) and a 40 foot long passage before you leading towards a larger cavern. With torches lit and weapons drawn you head into the larger cavern and find 80 foot deep room containing 8 3 foot high stone platforms splattered with blood and a dark archway against the far wall. 4 of the stone platforms each have a child shackled to them and along the base of the far wall can be seen great numbers of shiny piles. Durim senses evil within this room. As you move in to investigate, 6 small sized smokey, ashen flying creatures rise up from behind the platforms and move in to attack. Breathing forth hot ash, the elemental creatures cause blinding that hinders the battle. During the battle an extremely dark figure rises from the back of the cavern and enters combat. A medium sized demon of some sort, blacker than night rips into flesh and battles you to the death. As party members drop and healing potions prove their value, a tough fight ends in victory for the group.

Freeing these children and searching the cavern reveal 1500 silver pieces, 300 gold pieces, a stained dark arch painted upon the back wall looking like a passage and a piece of paper containing wording in the form of a letter (see forums). Gathering all in sacks, healing children, friends and horses you prepare to disembark the area. While that is happening, Durim searches out the undisturbed passages leading to the left and right of the shaft. No footprint of disturbance of dust can be found. Numerous hallways containing numerous doors extend out from here. Behind at least one of the doors he passed could be heard moaning and scrapping. With everyone and everything loaded, you head out.


There was also a mutilated and dismembered body on a bloody alter before the dark archway.

DnD Session #4

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