Sword Coast Adventurer's

DnD Session #5

The Tower Battle

Remaining near the tower with the 4 horses and a cart taken from the goblins you prop up dead goblin bodies to appear as gaurds while Durim scopes out the area to find a safe haven for the children you rescued. He finds a rocky outcropping south of the ruins that will work. You search the ruins and prepare for the return of the dwarf Mardok. Displacing the magic circle you found below ground and disrupting what you can in the cavern below. The next morning Durim relocates the children to the rocky hiding place as Jelenneth uses her magic to communicate with a bird to message her if any predators come near the children. Time passes as you await the dwarf but the bird returns before any other warning you of the children in danger.

Jelenneth and Durim ride off the check on the children as Mirik and Kahtra stay at the tower. The riders find a battle of sorts occurring not far from the outcropping. 2 small green dragon wymlings chase a lone slender fey looking creature. As Durim and Jelenneth move closer, the voice of the fey creature can be heard calling for help. With mounted attacks the 2 ride in to battle the dragons. A cloud of poisonous gas is expelled in Durims direction as he closes in to try to grab the fey and ride off. A failed grasp and a moment later as the other dragon flies towards Durim’s horse and takes it out with a critical hit! Durim now on his feat engages the dragon. Several hits later the badly wounded dragon flies off with the other following close behind. The grateful Dryad communicates with Jelenneth in elvish as it creates some goodberries to help you with healing.

The Dryad shows it’s appreciation of being rescued by offering assistance and a reward to the group once it learns of your plan to take on the evil that has infiltrated these ruins. It challenges you all to a “game of paths” to try to gain more reward. But as you all fall during the game, the reward you receive is a simple acorn that is said to provide an ally to you when thrown upon the earthly ground. The dryad also offers to protect the children for you while you deal with the returning dwarf.

With the party hiding within the ruins and Mirik positioned atop the tower watching for the enemy, you wait. Mirik notices an object a mile or more away over the path/road that lead here. It appears to be a hundred feet off the ground moving this way. As it gets closer he can see figures riding upon a flat surface flying through the air coming towards him. As it passes over the “gates” tot eh ruin Mirik can see the figures clearly as it rushes closer and loses altitude the nearer it gets. The party members in the ruins are prepared to act as the flying rug carrying a dwarf and human closes and beings to hover 20 feet above the doorway to the tower. A voice can be heard barking orders to the 2 propped up goblin bodies at the entrance. The attack begins!

Mirik moves down into the tower to attack from one of the balconies as both Durim and Mirik fire arrows and Jelenneth moves closer, Kahtra runs and jumps towards the hovering carpet landing right into the human. She and the human wizard fall from the carpet and hit the tower then ground some 20 feet down. Mardok casts a spell towards Durim striking him with magic forces causing damage. More arrows and several deep gashes into the human wizard proves that he is quite dead. Mardok bellows out a few choice words for you and threatens to have your heads for this as he maneuvers the carpet up to the top of the tower and out of view of those on the ground.

Ground troops move to the tower entrance and start to climb the ladders and head for the top to find a warlock at close range. As the ladders get crowded and you make your way to the top and attack, Mardok flies out and around towards the tower entrance leaving you all on the tower’s top. As this happens, Durim throws an end of a rope to Kahtra and yells for her to hang on. Durim then runs to the edge and makes a jumping swing just as you hear a loud shattering sound come from within the tower. As the top floor of the tower gives way and all start to fall, Durim swings down towards the warlock but lands just short hard on the ground. Saves are made as the tower collapses and the back wall falls into the center of the tower along with Jelenneth, Mirik and Kahtra. As Durim stands and brushes himself off, Mardok flies off towards the south yelling “I will have my revenge!”

When you search the wizard you find:
-150 gp
-20 gems
-a wand
-a staff
-a book
-a cloak
-a brass key



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