Sword Coast Adventurer's

DnD Session #6

Underground we go

Gathering treasure and healing after battle with Mardok is first priority. The partially collapsed tower has blocked access to the tunnels below. Getting the cart and horses together to make your way back to the children you have rescued is next. The dryad did watch over the children as she promised so you pack them into the cart and head south.

Treasure gained:
-Staff of the Adder
-Wand of Magic Missiles
-Traveling spell book from wizard
-Cloak of Protection
-Brass key with “TD” inscribed on it
-Bag of gems

Your path takes you into the forest to the west which brings about poisonous plant life those walking need to make saves for. Most save except for Durim’s horse which gallops off with him as he makes a dexterity save to stay mounted. You meet up with him down the trail where it encounters a waterway that you ford. Several hours pass as you make your way south towards Mirabar.

When you leave the forest, Jador, the eldest child recognizes the view and knows his family is to the west at a quarry and mine. So you decide to follow the child’s description of the area and make for the quarry. Some time traveling you come to a wide open space against a rise of hilly terrain. Before the hills is a large quarry with some wooden building to its west as well as some stone structures down in the quarry near the stone wall containing an opening into the hillside. As you approach, you get reactions from the children as people take notice and seem to recognize one another.

The humans you meet agree to take the children and get them returned to their rightful homes. 3 of the children are from this place but you find out that 3 fathers had gone off in search of the missing children one being Jador’s father. It seems, and you hear from the children on this, the children had been taken or disappeared into the mines. Strange tracks could be made out along side the children’s footprints making their way into the mines. 2 days ago, 3 fathers set out into the mines to search and have not been seen since. No evidence of where they went was found. The quarry folk ask if you can seek out the lost fathers? You agree to go look as well as introduce yourselves to the dwarven miners that live nearer the mine entrance.

The stone structures close to the mine itself Kahtra identifies as dwarven built. Needing a good deal of mead to overcome the stresses of being surrounded by children for several days is Khatra’s reward. You enter a drinking establishment containing dwarves. Khatra makes her way to the bar and runs into a fellow dwarf that introduces himself as Krago. He has heard of the children being returned and is not surprised that a dwarf had a hand in it. He buys Khatra and drink and then a meal while making conversation. Deciding to rest the night and make for the mines in the morning, you retire.

With hit points and spells at full you enter the mines. The front tunnels are being mined currently as you pass by making for the deeper tunnels and some collapsed areas that the fathers headed for. With torches lit you search one collapsed tunnel when Khatra notices something odd about the collapsed stone near the piled at the ceiling. Investigating you find an illusionary stone hiding a small tunnel big enough to crawl through. You make your way through this and get past the collapse to find the main tunnel continues further. You travel to a point where you can see the end of the tunnel but you also notice an opening to the eastern tunnel wall that leads away from this main tunnel. You make your way walking through this smaller passage that twists and turns to open upon a larger natural tunnel leading further north.

You walk for some time in this dark underground passage when suddenly you hear footfalls echoing about the tunnel. A little further you see 2 multi-legged creature come into view and attack. They are rust monsters and during the battle Khatra looses one of her battleaxes to a rust monster’s touch. Once defeated you move on. During your time you do notice tracks hear and there that shows the fathers had come this way. As the passage ends it opens up into a much larger space with numerous trees standing across your view. These are actually part of a mushroom forest hidden in darkness below ground. But before you make your way further, 2 large creatures leap from under the stone floor before you and attack. You are faced with 2 Ankheg’s as battle ensues.

Surviving the encounter, there seems to be somewhat of a clearer path through the mushroom forest, though you could try to make your way through the more dense stalks as well, the path is what you take. Rather dense grown hinders you view so Mirik shoots magical light arrows to try to illuminate the area ahead. Difficulty seeing these arrows leads Khatra to jump up to the mushroom tops like Mario to get a better view. She can see light ahead and a space where the mushrooms abruptly end. You all move further and come upon a wide open space where the mushroom have halted. As faras you vision allows you can see to your right and left, ahead of you some 60 feet out is the edge of water. As you investigate you find an underground 60 foot wide river some 60 feet from the mushroom edge. A few more light arrows and searching you discover the clear stone bank on the other side of the water is the same as the one you stand on. A short distance away are numerous stones protruding from the water allowing a tricky path across the river. You can see the river has grown at times to fill the area completely from mushroom edge to edge making it almost 180 feet wide at its peak. Investigating you find the river to be approx. 10-12 feet deep at the center and flowing from east to west. You each take time to move slowly and carefully across the stones to the opposite side of the river.

Slightly east of you a curved stone step at the mushrooms edge is found. This notes a stone path some 20 feet wide making its way into the mushroom forest on this side of the river. You make your way up the path. A short distance later you come upon a cross path ahead of you and fine gas like clouds bellow into you ranks and cause saving throws to take place. Saves are made to beat off effects from the clouds but from the forest come mushroom creature with more gas clouds. Battle begins as Durim is affected by the gas spores and stunned, so is Jelenneth affected. You fight these creatures for several rounds before the effects wear off and all join in the fight until your foes drop. Moving towards the cross path, coming into view further ahead is a 30 foot round clearing with some humans lying on the stone ground surrounded by more Myconids.



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