Sword Coast Adventurer's

DnD Session Update #8 3-19-15

Delivering the brazier

After leaving the dragon’s lair with the treasure you could haul away along with the magic brazier, you make your way back down the river tunnel back towards the grand mushroom cavern. An owlbear encounter and a night’s rest are all that occur.

Once back in the company of the evil tree creature surrounded by his minions of myconids, you deliver the ruined brazier you were sent to retrieve and bring back. Magically dismissing the effect over the myconids and dealing with the illusion of a green dragon, the tree creature makes an escape as you rescue the human prisoners.

Making your way back across the grand mushroom cavern to the opening you entered the cavern to travel back to the dwarven mines and return the missing humans to their homes.

You are met with warm welcome as you deliver the humans back to the mining community. Celebration and drinking ensue into the night as you are deemed heroes. The next day you decide to head for Mirabar.

Once in Mirabar you meet up with Father Loomis and discover that a dwarven marking for “earth” carved into the temple wall. No other such sign has been reported that you know of.



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